All creative put on hold. Macro and research call.

If I find anything new I will post it, however the creative is taking a back seat until my other work is done.

Sorry for the delay, but duty calls.

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New client EXM Shoot details.

Will be shooting with 60D & Zeiss. All images taken to date or only location tests & will not be a part of the finished work.

They are only for the Client, Crew, & Casting storyboard & shoot details.

Regional Final Call Talent Selections will make National Final Call, as they have videos completed.

EXM Client site info..


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New Print Ad Work for Conversion Retro-fit & Mod Co.

Will be pulling out the 60D & the Zeiss for this.

Shooting in DfW, Austin, then Denver.

Selecting talent this week, & next.

Chosen three to date.

The Conversion Retro-fit is to Propane at $2.50 a gal.

Will also be selecting Vehicle & Model Photographers.
Must be proven, have own gear, & provided desired pay.


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Flo Rida – Wild Ones featuring Sia [Official Music Video]

Sia is the Female Lead Singer, Love her.

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Adele – Set Fire To The Rain ( Music Video )

No.1 Mar. 2012


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Went looking down Austin way. Still more than I want to pay.

Even as you get to the country, it’s still high. There is no incentive for green dev. Without

Better numbers. Organic farming perhaps via land lease only. The real problem there is water.

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Looking for more studio space.

Ideally, This would be land that might have studio potential? The cost to gear up for mobile is far to much, as is most high end gear. Better to rent as needed. Land price must be attractive.

When looking at the details and cost considerations for 8 core & 12 core systems the logical solution is to wait for prices to fall.

These prices will come down over time. While they might be ideal for video editing the cost simply makes no economic sense. This has us waiting on post. The feeling is it would be more cost effective to sub the work out. Reducing costs may mean cutting back on tech for another year or more.

The small trick there is finding someone who can do great work for a fair price. We understand the time requirements of post work.

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